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Live heads

The idea has captivated me so badly that a number of wild cats as well as a wolf and a fox are on their way to be born. This Moose is my  husband's favourite.


Taxidermy - is the act of mounting or reproducing dead animals for display. /wiki/ Many many people who love wild nature like me would prefer to see or just know about animals, living safe and sound in prairies and forests. And first of all, for us, taxidermy is killing for fun. And now… is… why I’m writing about this… Needle felting saves the World! A good needle helps to create extremely realistic models of animals. Made of natural materials, they can adorn any house. And NO blood! Well, there is blood sometimes, but I try not to pierce my fingers often :) Collect them all!

Clay continues

It seems my daughter will bit me soon :)


Sometimes it's a lot of fun to make something from scratch. To find a good bulk of clay near a local river, to mix it, to create a teapot on a potter's wheel. Then to mix several glaze colors and hope they'll look similar after drying. The last but not the least is to keep 1200 degrees in the stove. To be continued...

Skipper! Rico! Kowalski! Private! Mission completed.

Well, these little mischievous guys took several days of my life. But even I enjoy the result. It was a rare case when I wasn’t satisfied with the result and repeated. First versions of Private and Rico: