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My World on a pin cushion :)

As you maybe remember :) I live in Australia now. But most of my life I spent under completely different sky! So the wonder of the Southern Hemisphere took me deeply, and I never get tired of reminding myself that now I can claim the whole World to be MY home (give some room, Mr Darth Vader! :D))))   Being in that kind of mood I crafted the next pin cushion…   And the reverse side really reminds of Darth Vader :) Who else could’ve thought of cutting the Earth! :( I promise, no one’s hurt :)


Handy-crafts women know well: every craft tool have to be useful and attractive. Beautiful things bring joy, inspiration, they help creating something new. Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve received 3 orders for an item…     That’s a pin cushion. Actually I use the same pin cushion myself to hold my felting needles on :)   I like repetition of a good model if the customer asks for that (or for my one use). I like to see how unique every repeated item is! It’s like watching a new flower to open. You know what it’s going to look like but it’s never the same as others!   Yummy, isn’t it? :)   Pin cushion like this goes on US $9 + shipping cost (as stated by Australian Post).

It’s lilies’ time!

Lilies is one of my favorite flowers. I love the diversity of their appearance and the fragrance too. After all, these flowers  use to blossom on my birthday month! :)   Most of the people who’ve already seen my lilies adore the off-white one the most. I wonder, why? :) What would be YOUR favorite?   The Orange The Pink The Coral The Marble   The Salmon The Yellow The last but not the least – The off-white     Here’s the whole bunch of them!     More of the bunch here:   A bit more of the same lilies here:   All the flowers are for sale. The price of one flower is US $20, shipping worldwide. The shipping cost is that of Australian Post (no packing or other additional fees). Ex, shipping to

Flowers, flowers everywhere…

Making flowers turned out to be so fascinating, I couldn’t stop sculpting the whole day! Here are two bunches I made then…   Meadow flowers. Sweet reminder of summer days.         Cake toppers, small flowers, hair pins, earrings… these flowers can be anything! They are tough enough to be worn as bijouterie and lightweight.       Small wedding bouquet or just the gift to say “I love you” :)         Orchid on a tree     And many others! Deco clay Tags: Deco clay     I still can’t stop making flowers so there will be more of them soon :) Deco clay Tags: Deco clay

Claycraft by Deco

I always enjoyed making something from clay. Now I found something completely new.   DECO Clay is a cutting edge technology of Japan clay artists and chemists, allowing to create thin details, impossible with usual clay. Result is unbelievably light and strong clay items. No wonder this clay is used for creating flowers.

Latest sales

Other two lots sold on Etsy were two white moomins and a black cat. I hope their new owners would love these little creatures no less than I do. Here they are: the Cat   and moomins

Oiolin’s Etsy Shop

At last my works are available at It was good and sad to sell the Red Kangaroo, I loved that curious little one a lot! Well, missing kangaroos in my house :) nowadays I’m felting another one… it is always a surprise what the sculpture is going to look like in the end. We’ll see.

Peace Felt 2010

You Can Help Create a Circle of Peace Felt Around the World in 2010 Create a work of art using handmade felt which symbolizes peace or unconditional love to give to & receive from your peace partners somewhere else in the world!

Easter rabbit came too early?

Gentle Sunrays inspired me to felt this little Sunny Bunny. Or is it an Easter rabbit came already? I think, I should search for some eggs nearby :)


Here are some pieces of bijouterie I created in quite a rare soutache technique. This White Pearl necklace is my favorite!     Summer butterflies  inspired me to create the pattern of this Purple bracelet   And this Tender Rose reminds me of ancient Indian culture

Australia Again!

It seems Australia is to be my permanent place of living now. It couldn't not to be reflected on my works. ;)

Bon appetit!

Don't eat these fruit! They are pure merino wool!