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Latest sales

Other two lots sold on Etsy were two white moomins and a black cat. I hope their new owners would love these little creatures no less than I do. Here they are: the Cat   and moomins

Oiolin’s Etsy Shop

At last my works are available at It was good and sad to sell the Red Kangaroo, I loved that curious little one a lot! Well, missing kangaroos in my house :) nowadays I’m felting another one… it is always a surprise what the sculpture is going to look like in the end. We’ll see.

Peace Felt 2010

You Can Help Create a Circle of Peace Felt Around the World in 2010 Create a work of art using handmade felt which symbolizes peace or unconditional love to give to & receive from your peace partners somewhere else in the world!

Easter rabbit came too early?

Gentle Sunrays inspired me to felt this little Sunny Bunny. Or is it an Easter rabbit came already? I think, I should search for some eggs nearby :)


Here are some pieces of bijouterie I created in quite a rare soutache technique. This White Pearl necklace is my favorite!     Summer butterflies  inspired me to create the pattern of this Purple bracelet   And this Tender Rose reminds me of ancient Indian culture

Australia Again!

It seems Australia is to be my permanent place of living now. It couldn't not to be reflected on my works. ;)

Bon appetit!

Don't eat these fruit! They are pure merino wool!