Here are some pieces of bijouterie I created in quite a rare soutache technique.

This White Pearl necklace is my favorite!




Summer butterflies  inspired me to create the pattern of this Purple bracelet



And this Tender Rose reminds me of ancient Indian culture



  1. hello
    my name is Ioana. i am handmade designer but i haven't used this technique. can you tell me where i can find a tutorial about how to do it?

    many thanks

  2. Hi Ioana,
    to tell you the truth I have no idea if you could find soutache technique tutorials...
    I was shown the basics of how to do it by my friend and then I've been just sewing and looking for the ways to do it better.
    You can find examples of works in this technique on the Internet though. Dori Csengeri is an outstanding artist using this technique!
    I can recommend you a tutorial in French :) Maybe the photos of each step would clear up how it is made. This was the only tutorial I managed to find.
    Hope it helps.
    If you'll create any pieces of your own please let me see the pictures if posiible :). I'd love to see what would be your works in soutache!

    Best wishes,


  3. Hello,
    Your work is beautiful! Where do you get your soutache from?


  4. Thank you Maria. i let you see my soutache jewelry as i finish them.


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