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My World on a pin cushion :)

As you maybe remember :) I live in Australia now. But most of my life I spent under completely different sky! So the wonder of the Southern Hemisphere took me deeply, and I never get tired of reminding myself that now I can claim the whole World to be MY home (give some room, Mr Darth Vader! :D))))Being in that kind of mood I crafted the next pin cushion…And the reverse side really reminds of Darth Vader :) Who else could’ve thought of cutting the Earth! :(I promise, no one’s hurt :)


Handy-crafts women know well: every craft tool have to be useful and attractive. Beautiful things bring joy, inspiration, they help creating something new.Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve received 3 orders for an item… That’s a pin cushion. Actually I use the same pin cushion myself to hold my felting needles on :) I like repetition of a good model if the customer asks for that (or for my one use). I like to see how unique every repeated item is! It’s like watching a new flower to open. You know what it’s going to look like but it’s never the same as others!Yummy, isn’t it? :)
Pin cushion like this goes on US $9 + shipping cost (as stated by Australian Post).

It’s lilies’ time!

Lilies is one of my favorite flowers. I love the diversity of their appearance and the fragrance too. After all, these flowers  use to blossom on my birthday month! :)Most of the people who’ve already seen my lilies adore the off-white one the most. I wonder, why? :) What would be YOUR favorite? The Orange

The Pink

The Coral
The Marble

The Salmon

The Yellow
The last but not the least – The off-whiteHere’s the whole bunch of them!More of the bunch here: bit more of the same lilies here: the flowers are for sale. The price of one flower is US $20, shipping worldwide. The shipping cost is that of Australian Post (no packing or other additional fees).Ex, shipping to the US is $11 (no additional packing fee, just the Australian Post price).