The cat family and two koalas

After creating the humans I got tired of fine felted features like fingers and felted a lion for a change.
That turned out to be the beginning of the cat family obsession!
Here he is, the First lion. He was sold soon and I missed him so much...

I felted the Second one.

And although I haven't sold him yet ;) I proceeded felting the big cats. I've already made a panther once, so I wanted to try something new. A Tiger?
That was a challenging although very interesting task! And you know... some people say this tiger is my self-portrait :) Cautious and open-hearted, curious and good.

At the same time I took an order for a koala. And I felted a nice one. Maybe too nice because my daughter refused to give it away! What could I do? - Felt another one.
So here they are:

The eucalyptus spray is made of polymer clay (by Deco), partly colored with acrylic paint.


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