Dogs, dogs, dogs

Hi everyone!

Recently I've got an interesting customer's order for a dog.
I'm fond of doge you know. But for unknown reasons I haven't been needle-felting dogs much. Really I don't know why.

But orders is orders! I started needling. It was hard (I know dogs' anatomy  much better than that of koalas for example, so I saw every mistake I made while needling and I had to fix them). The customers' orders are always both a very hard and interesting job to do: I have to make an accurate model of a certain kind of animal as I usually do and also give it a likeness to the real customer's pet.
I tried very hard and...  :)

                                               More of the little Milly
The customer was happy (and so was I :)).

The pictures of the beautiful dog called Milly and her little "sister" are published by the kind permission of their owner.

But that isn't the end of the story! :)
Once started needle-felting my favorite pets could I just stop?


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