More Dogs

So, the fluffy little Milly inspired me to make another fluffy dog: a Shetland sheepdog. this is the first animal (except a dragon before) that I made its mouth open. It was funny to make a little bent tongue and tiny teeth :) The whole dog is woolen, including the eyes, no wires inside.
I like neat work like that. Small details give the final look to the whole figure.

More of this Shetland Sheepdog

For sale.

The third and the last dog for now is a cute black dachshund (badger dog). I like her nor less than little Milly (I have to admit, it was sad to send her away). She's sitting on the top of my desk and
It's incredibly hard to make a good photo of woolen things and it's particularly nasty to have photos of the black ones!

More of this BadgerDog

 The doggie has hand-made, hand-painted eyes. She's 6.5"(14cm) tall and 10"(ap.26cm) long (tail not measured :)).

Sale considered :) 


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